Metal God birthday!

it’s Rob “Metal God” Halford’s (Judas Priest) birthday today – so here’s a loud shout out from Sweden: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!

It’s not a secret that Judas Priest is my number one favorite band of all time. They got the ball rolling, they’ve been a source of power since I was 13 years old. The story has been told many times in this blog before, so I’ll spare you. :-)

It’s just amazing how music can be so important and become such a religion. I remember going to one of their gigs with a 42 degree Celsius fever, the best reason in the world to stay in BED, and totally forgot about it once they started playing!

There is no Aspirin in the world that has that power!

I’ve been pushed, pulled, beaten, scratched, stepped on and squished in the front row, but I always figured that if I was gonna die, I couldn’t think of a better place than at a Priest-concert. :-)

When you really love your music, it becomes your source of inspiration like nothing else. I would judge guys on whether or not they liked the band, even “cast” band members that way – that’s still a joke when we remember that episode every now and then.

I was totally drunk (I was in my early 20’s, I was allowed to, haha!) and had almost passed out on a couch outside the ladies room at this rock club. The other guitarist in the band poked me and went: “Daniela! Here’s Lukas, who’s interested in joining the band”. I looked up at the guy, said: “Do you like Judas Priest?” He said “Yes” and I replied: “Good! You’re in the band!”

Slightly different from how normal bands choose their members, lol! ;)

Anyway – my “heavy metal phase” that my dad used to call it when I was a teenager, is still alive and kicking, and I owe it all to the Metal Gods – Judas Priest.

So once again a big, huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!! And thank you for the music. :)

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