The naked wrecking ball chick

Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish, but I guess that my idea of what’s truly shocking is on an entirely different level than what Americans think is shocking. :)
This Miley Cyrus-scandal is pretty amusing. People are going absolutely bananas over…what? :)

The pretty little virgin-Disney-princess has been playing it safe until now, pleasing parents by being that perfect role-model for their kids. NOW, she rebels against it all, crosses all barriers, hell, it’s rock’n’roll and it’s BRAVE. I love the song too!

She’s 20 years old and she looks good, if she feels like using that for her benefit, well, why not. Her career won’t last forever, most artists today don’t. But at least she’s going to be remembered for something.

Five years from now, people will be laughing at this “outrage” much like we’re laughing about how “obscene” Elvis was with his “rolling hips”-dance or how shocking W.A.S.P were back in the day. There are worse things out there, this is just ridiculous!

[I remember when THIS was the big shocker back in the 80’s – Madonna, singing about losing her virginity, crawling around on stage at the MTV Music Awards. Imagine – THAT was considered obscene back then…!]

What Miley Cyrus is doing isn’t new, it’s been done over and over throughout the history of music – and art in general. Push the limits, see how far you can go – and piss off a lot of people.

Remember little innocent Christina Aguliera who suddenly turned into a stripper-wannabe in “Dirty“? It wasn’t that long ago, but who thinks THAT video is particularly “shocking” today? We get used to shit so quickly. Britney Spears kissed Madonna woaahh!! THAT is the stuff people remember.

[Yeah, THIS was terrible at the time, people were just as shocked as they are now, with that new Cyrus-video]

What Miley does now is old shit in a new package. Some have mentioned Wendy O Williams as an inspiration. I bet my life that Miley has never even heard the name Wendy O Williams. Wendy was a totally out-of-control former stripper punk-bitch. She never sold millions of records, but she was the badass chick of the “underground” rock/punk scene.

[Wendy’s left boob pretty much falls out in this video when her bra-strap slides off. And she doesn’t give a rat’s ass!]

In Miley’s case I’m guessing it’s a combination between good girl gone bad and the usual artist exploatation. If she hadn’t done this – she would have drowned in the sea of nice girls in the pop business who come and go. It’s a smart move.

The question is if she’s going to be comfortable with her choices when she’s 40, but that’s a different story.
It works NOW and she can probably laugh all the way to the bank, while the rest of the world is bitching about her “pornographic video”..! :) Way to go.

[Yet another “shocker” – Britney and Madonna in this “lesbian” video, what an outrage that was at the time…!]

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