The last hurrah

This statement could be found on the official Nasty Idols page on Facebook today:


On November 16:th last year we gathered on location in Malmö eager to shoot what was going to be the first of two videos presenting the new Nasty Idols members, Andy, Rikki, Zoak and Anton. We had an awesome day filming with Rainer Holmgrenand although Andy sadly left us just a few weeks later here It is.
What was supposed to be a beginning now represents the end and last hoorah!
Rock’n roll, Andy It came out just the way you planned it.. of course.


My first, spontaneous reaction was “cool, a new Nasty video!“. I tend to forget that things are different now – but Andy IS alive and kickin’, in the hearts of us all and now also here with the last video that was supposed to be the comeback of his “baby” Nasty Idols.

It’s a cliche, but in Andy’s case, it really makes sense I think: He lives on in the hearts of so many of us. The feeling of loss is there, but there’s an even stronger feeling of something positive, cause the minute people start talking about him, they laugh. That was his strength in life, and it still is!

It’s great to see that this video was finalized and is now out there for the world to see, just the way he would have wanted. I’m sure he’s watching from wherever he is, going: “Spread the word, suckerrrsss!” :)

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