SAFFIRE – what a pleasant surprise!



Spiritual Beggars were on a mini-tour of Sweden this past weekend, and of course, I went to all those shows. Was really glad to see Apollo (Papathanasio, ex-Firewind) back in business.

On the first night in my home town Malmo, at “Kulturbolaget” I decided to just stay at my table and watch the openers from there.
Because out of maybe 200 gigs, I’d say that maybe one or two opening acts every once in a blue moon, stands out in any way. It’s a harsh thing to say, I know, and I’ve been criticized for being blunt about it, accused of “not supporting” bands that haven’t reached so called “stardom” yet.

(I should add though, that these guys are not amateurs, they’ve been around for a while and had some national success. However, they were new to me.)

In my opinion, appreciating music is not about charity. I will support anything that has some sort of impact on me, because that’s what music is all about. If it passes me by without having left a mark in any shape or form, I see no reason lying about it? I can’t and won’t do it just for the sake of it.

So anyway, not expecting anything at all, and thinking of the opening act as 30 minutes that I had to kill, I pretty much thought I’d go to the bar and get something to drink or stay at my table and check my mail or something…  Well. Much to my own surprise, that’s not what happened.

Two songs into SAFFIRE’s set, I got off my ass and moved closer to the stage. I LOVE those moments! When something suddenly and unexpectedly catches my ear and it’s just so good!

In fact, I was so focused on the music that I didn’t even notice that Apollo was standing right next to me! God knows how long he had been standing there. :D
He looked amused but seemed to get why I was hooked and didn’t really want to ruin my experience by small-talking in that very moment. And by the way, that’s a compliment to any band, cause Apollo is the reason I was even going to these shows with SB in the first place.

So anyway. Saffire. I’ve heard the name before but never really came across anything that they’d done (except for a video with Apollo as guest). And there they were, playing flawlessly, it was really music for music nerds and I’m proud to be one. :-)
Great songs, so well executed and most of all, AMAZING vocals!

They might not be pretty boys that attract any chicks (no cool hairdos, spandex or glammy image) and they aren’t the beer-drinking, swearing trucker types to attract Zakk Wylde-fans either, but for people who just want something that SOUNDS damn good, that went a long way!

I enjoyed that show, in all its simplicity. No props, no nothing, just brilliant music!

So, at the next show in Stockholm, I went to their merch stand and bought both CD’s. I haven’t bought a physical CD since I can’t remember when. I either get downloads from the labels, or promo stuff, or I listen to it on Spotify or something.
I’m pretty sure I won’t regret my purchase, my instincts tell me that this will be a favorite in my mobile music player on my way to and from work. :)

I asked them about a bio, cause there’s nothing on their Facebook page (they haven’t even bothered to write their full names, lol!) and nothing on their official website. I think they explained it with something along the lines “we didn’t think anyone would really care….” followed by “maybe we’ve been a little lazy with that stuff...”. Maybe so – get to work guys. :D

So I asked Google and came up with this:


Magnus Carlsson Bass (2005-present)
Victor Olsson Guitars (2005-present)
Dino Zuzic Keyboards (2005-present)
Anton Roos Drums (2008-present)
Tobias Jansson Vocals (2010-present)
Former bands: The Law, ex-Angel Blake, ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Treasure Land, ex-Silent Scythe


Saffire Demo 2009
Kingdom of the Blind Demo 2011
From Ashes to Fire Full-length 2013
For the Greater Good Full-length 2015

Real talent doesn’t grow on trees. Some work hard but never achieve it, some are lazy and don’t care, some are more interested in their looks, and then there are some where you can pretty much hear the countless hours that have been invested to get to where they are musically. I appreciate that.

So – this is when I thought it was time to dig up my camera from my messenger bag and start filming!

And now I’m checking out their stuff on YouTube, so take a listen to this as well and make sure you catch them at Sweden Rock Festival this summer!

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