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Firewind in the land down under

The Firewind tour here “down under” in Australia, finished two days ago in Melbourne, and I have to say that the guys, without a doubt, left a lasting impression on the Aussies. The shows in Sydney and Melbourne had the largest venues and crowds, but even the smaller gigs in Brisbane and Adelaide were memorable because the crowds were very enthusiastic. Great audiences everywhere – a very good rating considering that this is Firewind’s first visit here.

There are so many things to write about and I still haven’t quite landed in normailty – there’s been stuff going on 24-7 ever since I got here, would get anyone’s head spinning, not to mention a jetlagged Swede..!

It wasn’t that bad though – I just went on my Blue Mountains/koala tour straight away when I arrived in Sydney, and kept myself busy ever since. The real jetlag hit me after about 3 days when I just felt sick and not even my caffeine chewing gum helped much. It was the same with the guys in the band – they were all hit by that jetlag at different times.

There’s photos, videos, memories, stuff to tell enough to last for a WEEK, but I’ll just have to get back with all that and just share a few of my favorite pics this time. I’ll have like 16 hours on my way from Melbourne to Dubai to write more about this Australian trip, so – it’s all coming!

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Rockin’ it down under!

This year has been pretty slow so far, travel-wise – by my standards. And the reason is that I wanted to do something DIFFERENT this time. Instead of travelling all over Europe and occasionally to the US, I figured that I want to go to AUSTRALIA. But as I’m not the “touristy” type, I was looking for a good excuse to go – and I got it! :-)

The band that gets me out there on the road most of the time (it’s a great band to follow if you’re into the whole travelling-thing, cause they’re out there most of the year, all over the place) – FIREWIND, is going on a short tour to Australia in October/November. And I’ve just bought my ticket to go see those gigs. Woo-hoo!

And this time, I’m really making it a trip to remember. I chose to travel with Emirates – voted Airline of The Year 2013. And I’m booked in business-class

If I’m EVER going to spend money on travelling in business-class, it’s for a trip like this where you’ll be spending about 30 hours in a plane! You want to be comfortable for that.

So I booked that, and started reading about all the benefits, and it starts even BEFORE I board! I’ve been so excited all day about my forthcoming Aussie-trip!

Complimentary chauffeur that picks me up to drive me TO and FROM the airport! How nice to arrive somewhere and have someone waiting for you with your name on a sign! No standing in line fighting for taxis…..! HEAVEN!

You get access to the business-lounge at Copenhagen airport, Dubai airport….

You can breeze right through security in your own fast-track (same goes at check-in).

The seats can be turned into real, flat beds (and has built-in massage and all!). Your own large work-table, entertainment-system, Wi-Fi on board, complimentary champagne, drinks – a menu to choose from anytime you want…

I mean, the list goes on. If there is EVER a good reason to pay up for this kind of luxury, it’s when you’re travelling for more than 24 hours. :)

Take a look at this presentation of their lounge and business-class seats!!

I got my “local” Australia- flights sorted out as well – this is my route:

Sydney – Brisbane

Brisbane – Adelaide

Adelaide – Melbourne

4 gigs in 4 days, I have NO idea how I’m going to cope, cause I suspect that the jetlag is going to knock me out… I’ve never gone east before, so I will most likely be beat…. However, it’s just another adventure, but an Adventure DeLuxe!

I love all the planning, the hotels, the detective work to find addresses, the best ways to get from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the venue, from the venue to wherever… I mean, all that stuff is so much fun, I get such a kick doing the preparations!

I should be working with this full time, but it just never happened that way.

If there are any up and coming bands out there looking for someone to plan their tour – gimme a shout!

I know how to find the best options at the best prices, I’ve been doing it for myself for years already, this is definitely my turf. :)

Also looking forward to meeting my long-time online-friend Clint from Melbourne, this trip will absolutely, totally rock! :))