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Happy (belated) 60th birthday DAVID COVERDALE!

I can’t BELIEVE I missed out what date it was! Being on vacation does that I guess – you totally lose track of time, don’t even know what DAY it is. And so I somehow completely missed out on one of the most important birthdays of the year – DAVID COVERDALE turned 60!!!

My god, this man, his voice and his music has meant the world to me. Not only that, but in the past 10-15 years or so, he has always – ALWAYS recognized me everywhere, and always acknowledged it. This legendary man who has created music history with Deep Purple and then his own Whitesnake, knows who some Swedish person is, that is amazing to me.

Last time was in Belgium this summer, when he spotted me, smiled and then between two songs went: “Well hello Daniela! So nice to see you again! Looking great as always!” A small gesture like that can make your day. Especially when you feel like anything BUT “great looking” after two days in the rain and the mud. Even if he’s lying, I’m fine with THAT kind of lying, haha! :)

At Sweden Rock Festival back in June, I had the most amazing, mindblowing experience watching Whitesnake – bringing out Bernie Marsden on stage and then – Adrian Vandenberg…! I was so blown away, I just stood there bawling my eyes out! It was incredibly emotional, I cried for days afterwards only THINKING about it! And my video from that show broke every record, 12 000 people watched it in about a week!

A few years ago, he was the one to wish ME a happy birthday in Copenhagen. Those of you who know me have already seen this, those of you who don’t probably don’t give a fuck anyway but the point with this one is to show how the roles have turned this time. Now it’s my turn to wish David a happy birthday, through a video card put together by PurpleSnake. Check it out!

A few years ago it was David….


Now it’s me and all of us in the Whitesnake-choir from all over the world, wishing David a Happy birthday!!



Thank you David for your fantastic music, it has meant more than words can describe to so many of us. I can’t wait to see Whitesnake again this fall!

One big rock’n’roll family

The past week I have seen how rock’n’roll can truly bring out the best in people. In this case, it’s more indirectly, but still – the common denominator is the love for music, and the relationship between the people who create it, and the ones who listen to it.

It feels like a family, and I guess in a way it is.
I read one of the nicest messages I’ve seen on Facebook the other day. 

This message was sent out by legendary bassplayer Neil Murray about two days ago:

“When I win the lottery, I’ll get everyone together who wished me a happy birthday and have the best party ever! Thanks again for all your kind wishes – I’m a lucky guy to have you as Facebook friends!”

Very short, but a very cool gesture and I loved the part about “winning the lottery“. :) He could just as well have thought “I don’t know those people” and just have settled for a short “Thanks for the b-day wishes” – period.

Anyway… I loved what he wrote.
Then a more sad situation but also a very sincere and wonderful message from another rock-legend, Jon Lord:

Just a quick line or two from an absolutely overwhelmed, gratified and humbled musician.

“Your responses to the news of my condition have touched my heart in a way that has truly helped to make my life a better place to be than it had occasionally threatened to become these last few weeks.

“Your wonderful messages wishing me strength and courage have given me even more strength and courage — and so much more than you can ever know.

“I read many of them with tears in my eyes, grateful for this cast-iron proof of the innate goodness of the human being, and grateful to every single one of you for your invaluable support.

“This message goes out, too, to all the similarly wonderful folk on other websites whose support has been equally warm and strong and I want you all to know how greatly heartened and comforted I am by all this.

“The treatment continues and I am confident and being supported by my glorious family and an amazing group of friends.

“See you soon.”

I think the same kind of support is what kept Ronnie James Dio around for a while longer. We love our music and we love our heroes for giving it to us. It all comes back somehow, goes in circles, just as it does at a rock’n’roll-show. The exhange of enegy from the crowd to the band and right back again continues in a sort of way off-stage as well.

Sebastian Bach lost his house, his posessions in the hurricane – everything. Including the Skid Row mastertapes… People who are usually calling him every bad name in the book, finally showed a more human, decent side, and said they were truly sorry to hear about his loss.

I sent an e-mail through the management offering him some of his memorabilia back, if he was interested. Back in the day I used to collect Skid Row stuff, and Sebastian has acknowledged that collection several times. I wouldn’t get rid of it for any reason, just because of all the memories that go along with it, but in this case it felt like I could and would.
I saw that other people offered something similar, so I guess he will get part of his collection back eventually.


As much as we’re all strangers by the definition of the word, we’re also close to the artists whose music has touched our hearts. And when there’s a crisis, people seem to really step up and show what they’re made of. A day like this, I’m really proud of the global metal community. :-)

Lost and found: DAVID COVERDALE (part 2)

By popular demand – the second part of the David Coverdale 2000-interview. The part where fans had a chance to send in their questions and also the part with the “template”-questions that I used to ask every band I met back then, as a reoccuring part of my artist-interviews.

David smoking...
[All photos by Staffan Eriksson]

Many rock-magazines back in the day used to have a section with this type of questions. Guess it was just a way to ease things up a bit and not always be so overly serious. Fans can appreciate something different than the usual “who-produced-your-album”-sort of questions too on occasion. :)

I wasn’t sure how David would react, which is why I saved these questions for the second part of the interview. As it turns out, he enjoyed it, maybe because it was a little bit different from what he would normally have to answer in his regular interviews.

I hope that Micke Eriksson (Deep Purple Forever magazine), who helped out with the dialog with the record company, and photographer Staffan Eriksson, read this, because this is a message for you guys:

I promised you a copy each of this interview as a thank you for all your help.

That was eleven years ago and none of you ever got it, which was simply because when my computer broke down I lost all addresses, e-mails and everything. I couldn’t get in touch and I’ve felt bad about that ever since.

I take pride in keeping my promises so I hope that I’ll find them sooner or later.

And with names like “Eriksson”…. If you live in Sweden, forget it, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If anyone knows these two super-nice gentlemen, please give them the link to this blog. :)

As for David Coverdale, I think he is a true artist in every sense of the word, not only as a performer, but he understands the business part of things better than anyone.


He remembers people, something that is so important in this business. He always remembers my name no matter where he sees me or when. It could be in a Whitesnake-crowd or at a press-conference. He won’t hesitate, he just knows. I appreciate and respect that

David Coverdale Stockholm

I think this interview got so popular because he was so open to it and didn’t think of himself as being above “stupid questions”. On the contrary, he enjoyed them and it was a true pleasure for me as a journalist and a fan, to have this conversation with him.

There is still a lot more Whitesnake-material that I will be sharing with you all, so please feel free to check back, or add me on Twitter where I will be posting all my updates: www.twitter.com/lita77777